Shoshinkan FAQ
(Common Questions and Answers about the Dojo )

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+ Can I Observe a Class?
+ How Do I Join?
+ What Are the Dojo Rules?
+ Do I Need to Know Japanese?
+ Can I Quit If I Don't Like It?

Can I Observe a Class?

Anyone is allowed to observe a class at anytime without making any commitment. We only request that you come before a regular classes starts so that an instructor or assistant may answer any of your questions and that you please write in your name and address in our guestbook.

Please remember that regular classes are about two hours where Shinshin Toitsudo ("Ki training") is taught in he first hour and then Shinshin Toitsu Aikido ("Ki Aikido") in the second hour; we suggest that you remain at least until the second hour so that you can see how "Ki training" is applied in "Ki Aikido".


How Do I Join?

Before you any make decision about joining, read the membership contract and dojo rulesvery carefully. Although we welcome all types people regardless of nationality, religion, age, and such, Soshinkan does require from everyone a serious commitment, which may not be possible for everyone due to other commitments concerning work or time that may conflict. Therefore, when you join, understand you are entering a one-year legal contract for membership with personal and financial responsibilities.

Make sure you fully understand all your resonsibilities before you make any decision.

If you do believe that Ki Aikido and Soshinkan is right for you, please consult an instructor or assistan about the exact procedure for joining. We suggest bringing:

  1. your personal identification (ID) such as you alien registration card to get your correct name, address, and telephone number.
  2. your personal, registered stamp ("hanko"), if you have one.
  3. your bank book or cash card if you choose the monthly installment plan so that we may accurately record your bank information.
  4. a friend who can translate Japanese for you if you think you may have any language difficulties. If one is not available please call the dojo before you arrive so that someone can made available to assit you with translation, or contact me by email.


What Are the Dojo Rules?

To see the entire dojo rules in English, click here.

Do I Need to Know Japanese?

While Japanese is not a requirement for membership, all classes are taught in Japanese and unfortunately no instructor or assistant has a good command of English (yet!). But there are number of other advanced students who can help, particularly in Tuesday and Wednesday classes; and, of course, I will always do the best I can to help when I am attending class.

Also, please know that there have been and continue to be a sizeable number of foreigners from various countries who have learned and enjoyed Ki Aikido. Consider it a great chance to meet new friends (Japanese and foreign) and to learn the Japanese language and culture. I guarantee this.

Can I Quit If I Don't Like It?

Although you are never forced to attend classes, please understand that by signing the membership contract that you are entering a legal contract. So,please read the membership contract very carefully and understand what all of your commitments are.

To see the extact clause regarding withdrawing from membership, click here. APR-SEP , OCT-MAR

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