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Regular Class Program (Weekly)
Children's Class Programs (Weekly)
A two-hour class available to all adults above the age of 12 or junior high.
60 Minutes "Toitsudo" Half: Dedicated to "ki" training, starting with stretching and "Ki Taiso". Afterwards, there is a five minute break for the restroom and water.
70 Minutes "Aikido" Half: Dedicated to applying the "ki" training to Aikido, starting with stretching and common Aikido exercises like rolling ("ukemi"). In th the last 20 minutes or so, each student is allowed to practice those techniques ("waza") for his/her next level.
  After Class: With the end of class, students are invited to sit down with the teacher and drink warm tea.
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Ki Training Classes (Monthly)
Special "Tokken" Classes (Monthly)
Ki Training Class "One-ness Rhythmn": As of April, 1998, now mandatory for qualifying for sho-dan level.
"How to Use Ki": Using "ki" to improve your everyday life and general mental health.
Tokken A Class Consists of Level 1 Kengi (wooden sword) and Level 1 Jogi (wooden pole).
Tokken B Class Consists of Level 2 Kengi and Level 2 Jogi in addition to training to defend against weapons such as the wooden sword and wooden knife.
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A one-hour class available to children above 3-years-old up to junior high.
wpe6.gif (59675 bytes) 20 Minutes Class starts with stretching and "Ki Taiso" and then goes into Ki training and common Aikido exercises like rolling ("ukemi").
20 Minutes The teacher then instructs the children in Aikido and has them practice.
30 Minutes In th the last 30 minutes or so, each student is allowed to practice those techniques ("waza") for his/her next level.
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About once every month there are special "tokken" classes held on a Sunday to teach advance Aikido techniques using weapons.

Due to the danger of practicing with weapons, there are level requirements for taking these classes.
Please remember to apply for these classes at least one week before the day of the class. Ask one of the instructors for an application form.
Since these "tokken" classes are outside the regular class program, there is a small fee of a small fee for participation.

Since April, 1998, Oba Sensei has begin offering special two-hour classes in "ki" training separate from the "Toitsudo" half of the regular class. These classes will offer: